Thursday, June 5, 2008


I've thought about blogging for a while now... especially since my partner is an avid one... but it was generally just a passing thought, taken over quite quickly by thoughts of all the other writing I had to do (I'm a grad student, you see, so writing rules my life). And then the presidential primaries happened, and I got caught up and all bent out of shape because of them. Generally it was sufficient to vent to my partner about them.

A few weeks ago though I started 'writing' this bit about Hillary Clinton and Feminism in my head... eventually I put it down on paper, and as the words began to flow out I realized just how therapeutic writing really could be. So, here's my shot as self-therapy.

Now, I have tons of friends who start blogs, write a couple of entries and then never post again. There's a really, really good chance I might join that legion of bloggers quite soon. But I hope not. For now, the presidential campaign, my grad school experiences and the general 'excitement' of my life should provide enough fodder for a few good posts. All I need, then, is some discipline...

Welcome to my blog!!

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