Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Change of Heart?

Hillary Clinton just finished her convention speech and for once I think she did a spectacular job. I have to admit, sometimes I have looked at her and wondered what might have been... I am after all a feminist and there is a big part of me that wants/wanted to see a woman as president or even vice-president. I mean can you imagine how powerful an image a "first black" and "first woman" team might have been? And despite Barack's blackness, I do think that there would be something equally, if not more, powerful about having a woman up there. Unfortunately, during the primaries I did not think Hillary Clinton was that woman. (Maybe it was the people she was surrounded by. I think political strategists are full of it... something that worries me about Obama and his GE campaign too.) Today, though, I saw something in Hillary Clinton that maybe her supporters have seen in her all along. I still do believe that Obama was the right choice. But today, I was deeply moved by Hillary Clinton... again, not for who she is per se, but rather for what might have been.

I'm off to donate to her campaign for the first time.

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