Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In Denver

It's been forever since I've pasted. I've been busy winding up my thesis, tutoring ninth grade math and working as a research assistant. But this week I'm doing something super exciting that merits a bit of blogging. I'm in Denver attending the DNC, sharing blogger credentials with No Rest For the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro.

And this evening, I was at the Pepsi where I got to see Caroline Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and of course, Michelle Obama speak...

In the time Miget and I have been in Denver thus far, I’ve picked up one invaluable possession – a badge with a beautiful image of Michelle Obama that states “America’s Next First Lady: Michelle Obama” Other than the fact that it’s pink, I absolutely love it. I’m a massive fan of Michelle Obama, much more so than Barack. Tonight, thanks to Miget’s magnanimity in sharing press credentials, I stood approximately 10 feet away from her. It was beautiful. If you didn’t watch her speech, you can do so here. (omg…I was so close, I’m one of those heads in the third row, a little to her left!!) It had some delegates sobbing... all sniffly and red-eyed.

One of the lines of attack used against Michelle Obama has been the labeling of her as “an angry black woman.” Quelle surprise! If smart white women are viewed as emasculating, imagine how a woman of color who speaks the truth would make male genitalia quiver. But as far as I’m concerned, if Michelle Obama is an “angry black woman,” more power to her! I love her for being fierce and saying it like it is…

On the way back from the Pepsi Center today, I discussed Michelle Obama’s speech with some delegates. They all seemed to think she did a terrific job… and they were all sold on the little showing by the family. When the conversation turned to what kind of first-lady Michelle Obama might be, one woman remarked: “I hope those D.C. handlers don’t get their hands on her. They don’t need to remake her. I want a first lady that’s worked her way through law school. Who knows what it means to work hard. We don’t need a soft and gentle woman… we need a strong woman.” I was with her till this point… nodding away in eager agreement. She then said, “That’s why I voted for Hillary.” Anyone who’s heard me talk about the election knows I’m rabidly anti-Clinton. But there I was seated among Clinton delegates... The good thing though, they all seemed to be sold on Michelle Obama. So maybe the specter of Hill and Bill is truly about to dissipate. And how’s this for a replacement.

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