Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Raising Dad

Over the past few weeks, for a number of reasons, I have abandoned my living room, and hence my T.V., and have taken instead to watching videos online. I was recently introduced, and quite belatedly, to a gem of a site - surfthechannel.com - that has been satiating my love of British sitcoms (and also geeky ones like "The Big Bang Theory").

There is this hilarious British T.V. show called "My Family" that I've been watching the past couple of days. It's written by Fred Baron, whose credits include U.S. sitcoms like Sienfeld and Caroline in the City. While watching this show I was reminded of experiences in my life when I have been called "immature." In fact, almost every bio-boy that I've been close to in my life - from my very first boyfriend to my dad's brother - has at some point in our relationship, and often at multiple times during its course, called me "immature." (Except for my dad, the title of this post not withstanding.)

My constant contact with this label has made me realize that, its vituperative intentions aside, the term is used as more of a protective sheath deployed to conceal not only the speakers' inability to actually articulate a point of view, but also their own naiveté. (I personally prefer the term naive to immature, because the latter seems to anticipate evolutionary progression, whereas the former defines a state of being. But that's just a personal choice...)

In any case, succumbing here to the follies of gender differentiation, I present my light-hearted, yet vengeful, argument against those many bio-boys that have deemed it fit to call me "immature." For it is they, the boys, that are plagued with an unending reservoir of naiveté, while we "girls" sit around and have a good laugh. Or something like that...

The first two clips are from "My Family," the third is from a another British show called "Coupling" (I believe it is supposed to be the British version of "Friends," but not quite.) Hope you enjoy the sillyness!

My Family: Serpent's Tooth (S1:E1)

My Family: One of the Boys (S7:E6)

Coupling: The Girl with One Heart (S3:E6)

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