Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life and Labor

There's a little cafe in the housing complex where I currently live. In the final stages of thesis writing, I'd be here every morning and evening... it was the only way I could get some solid writing done. And then, as if they were just waiting for me to be done, the week after my thesis defense they decided to close down, temporarily.

Now that I'm in the throes of prospectus writing, they're back open! Oh the small wonders/miracles of life...

In any case, I decided to get out of the house early this morning and get to the cafe to start working. The 'problem' I'm encountering though, is that the person at the counter is playing really good music, and I'm super distracted by some of the stuff they're playing. So when something catches my attention, I end up going to YouTube to search it and add it to my playlist. Here's what I've got thus far:

India Arie - Long Goodbye

India Arie - Wings of Forgiveness

James Morrison - Please Don't Stop the Rain

Taylor Swift - Love Story, Instrumental (Don't hate!)

Some stuff is conducive to life, but not to labor... :)