Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fuckin' Crazy

Things are fuckin' crazy. I'm in middle of writing my qualifying exams, but my heart and mind are elsewhere. And since my body cannot be where my heart and mind reside, it refuses to give me comfort.

No time to write here; not even sure I have the words to capture all that's happening - on campus and in my head. So, instead, read: Stop the Racism, Sexism and Homophobia at UCSD and UCSD Coalition for Educational Justice.

Will leave you with a couple of videos:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ruck the Feegents: March 4th

Need a quick yet productive break from writing. So, here are some fliers I made for the March 4th Day of Action against budget cuts to social services, especially education. Feel free to print and distribute. More to come soon...
(P.S. Just to be clear... I did not design the images on the front of the fliers. UCSD undergrads are responsible for that amazing work. Don't want to take credit for something I didn't do... :)